Give what you can, take what you need.

How it Works

New and used donations are dropped off by the community, our team sorts the donations, and puts them out in our showrooms for folks who need them. All at no cost!

Not everyone can afford the essentials that
make a house a home, keep us warm, and connect us to the world.

People experiencing homelessness or other housing crises need help furnishing their new home.

Open to more than 130 agencies and outreach groups, we provide Calgarians with free furniture, household items, and other essentials that have been donated by the community.

Nearly all donated items are given to Calgarians who need them. Some non-essential items may be used as office furniture, or may be recycled or sold to help fund our programs or purchase new essential items (like underwear or winter boots) for our Free Goods Program.

Our world is more digitally connected than ever, but not everyone has equal access to personal computers for job and school applications, work/homework, and finding housing information.

Computers For Low-Income Calgarians (CLIC) takes used technology, refurbishes it, and gives it to Calgarians who need it. This program is in high-demand and we are not accepting new applications at this time as we work to clear our waiting list.

Everyone Deserves a Home

We believe that housing is a human right. Yet, we also know from our many years of front-line experience that a person’s mental health will continue to decline if their new home does not include “things.” Without furniture, kitchen supplies, hygiene items, and personal belongings, there is no comfort and there is no dignity. Our Free Goods Program aims to increase one’s quality of life by providing the “stuff” that makes a house a home.

I am a new immigrant in Canada and my counsellor referred me to the Free Goods Program for furniture pickup. I was at the Donation Centre and the staff were pleasant and accommodating. There were several lovely household items to pick from and I got some good stuff for my family. I even got a computer for my boys. I just want to say a big thank you for the great work that your organization is doing to help new immigrants settle down in Canada. Kudos to you guys!

Saidat, Free Goods Program Client